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Dr. Julian Bailes and Omega 3

Dr. Julian Bailes, M.D. - NuVerus Medical Board & Research Team.

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“NuVerus products are based on the latest scientific research and formulated with the optimal daily dosages of each ingredient so you can achieve your wellness goals. Unlike other companies who simply throw as many ingredients together as possible, NuVerus treats product formulation as an art form. More than simply taking the ingredients supported by scientific literature, we use them in the proper forms, in the proper combinations and in the proper amounts to truly make an effective product formula.”
- Dr. Julian Bailes, M.D.

Dr. Julian Bailes Begins Using Omega 3 to Save a Brain Damaged Child

A Snippet from a story of hope and survival as printed on cnn.com October 22, 2012.

When Randal McCloy was rushed to West Virginia University Ruby Memorial Hospital’s intensive-care unit he was practically dead.

“As far as we know, he survived the longest exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning,” says Julian Bailes, M.D., the neurosurgeon assigned to the case. McCloy was in a coma and in deep shock.

Even if he somehow managed to pull through, doctors predicted McCloy would be severely brain damaged. “It’s very difficult to come back from a brain injury,” says Dr. Bailes. “There’s no drug that can help that.” 

While McCloy was being given oxygen infusions in a hyperbaric chamber, Dr. Bailes ordered a daily dose of omega-3.

Several weeks passed. Then, unexpectedly, McCloy emerged from his coma. This in itself was amazing, but he wasn’t done. In the weeks that followed, he stunned even the most optimistic experts by recovering his memory and gradually regaining his ability to walk, talk, and see, a turnaround that many in the medical field called miraculous. 

“The omega-3s helped rebuild the damaged gray and white matter of his brain. “I would say he should be on it for a lifetime,” says Dr. Bailes. “But then, I think everybody should.”

- October 22, 2012, cnn.com

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Why NuVerus Omega

NuVerus Omega differs from other Omega products on the market today. NuVerus Omega uses synergistic ingredients which help maximize the potential of each individual ingredient. Our Omega 3 comes from multiple sources which is then supported by the antioxdant effect of each of those individual sources.

So with NuVerus Omega, you are not only getting the important Omega 3 oils that are vital to your body and mind, but you are also recieving the antioxidants which help the body with inflammation, aging and immune system support.

Dr. Julian Bailes Peer Reviewed Articles and Omega 3

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