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The Caffeine Truth

There are many energy drinks on the market today which use potentially harmful synthetic and artificial sources for their ingredients. One of the biggest differences between NuVerus energy and the other energy drinks is that NuVerus energy's ingredients come from USDA Organic Sources; nothing artificial, nothing synthetic.

Many of today's youth consume energy drinks regularly. Some are starting to suffer unwanted side effects. These chemical cocktails that are loaded with synthetic caffeine can have a negative effect in the body with prolonged use. This generation of youth is graduating into adulthood without the previous generations' coffee admiration, but with new drinks of choice that are loaded with unnatural ingredients including synthetic caffeine. Many spend hours surfing the net or watching TV, instead of being active, which compounds the problem with many energy drinks. This high sugar, high synthetic caffeine cocktail is certainly not a healthy habit that we want in our youth.

Why should we be concerned about this new variety of mental stimulant? A cup or two of coffee every day has not been shown to cause serious health effects; many reports show that it could be potentially beneficial. The big difference relates to where the caffeine comes from: natural coffee beans vs. laboratory produced synthetic caffeine. Like most natural substances, the caffeine in coffee beans cannot easily be separated as a distinct molecular structure. It comes with many other elements, including fibrous membranes, which actually reduce the speed of absorption of the active caffeine. Thus it is delivered to the body in nature’s form, with benefits such as increased energy and mental alertness.

Natural products like Green Tea caffeine in NuVerus energy are absorbed naturally and slowly by the body. There are many advantages with NuVerus energy. The duration of the increased mental clarity will be longer. Instead of the instant buzz you get from most energy drinks and then the inevitable crash, you get a prolonged feeling of alertness for many hours, and the effect eventually wears off gradually.

People, who try NuVerus energy for the first time, commonly say the same thing.

  • Delicious
  • Great Energy lasting for many hours
  • No Jitters
  • No Crash
  • No problems sleeping
  • In addition to Natural Caffeine . . .

NuVerus energy contains Organic Juices that are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants, and polyphenols. There are 4 additional SuperFoods. Together these Organic Juices and SuperFoods are extremely beneficial to the body. They play a role in inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules, which reduces the number of chemicals known as free radicals in the body.

Using NuVerus energy every day is a great way to improve your energy, health, and vitality by providing your body and its cells with quality energy and nutrition, without the need for non-organic, synthetic ingredients commonly found in many energy drinks today.

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