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NuVerus Doctor Program

Our Program


Our program is non-obtrusive and fits seamlessly into any health care providers practice regardless of specialty. We implement a professional, seamless, turn-key educational awareness program within practices providing patients with a value added service that generates an additional revenue stream for the practice. The health care providers involved with The Physician Wellness Group feel an ethical obligation to make sure their patients are educated on the lack of standards and quality in the supplement industry. Our health care providers believe it is their responsibility to educate patients and should they choose to take nutritional supplementation products, provide them with an avenue to get products that are safe, effective, and pharmaceutical quality.

Our program not only provides patients with a value added service; it also combats the economic constraints currently placed on the medical professional. As a physician you can harness the industry growth while helping your patients through our Science Based Nutrition Practice!

The New England journal of Medicine - Marginal to Mainstream: Alternative Medicine in America, by Mary Ruggie - Will the demand for CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) fade or is it here to stay?” 200 interviews yielded the following results:

Professor Ron Kessler, Harvard Medical School: “These findings really dispel two ideas, namely CAM is just a passing fad, and it’s used by one particular segment of society.”

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