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What People are Saying About NuVerus

Read about what people are saying about the NuVerus Business and the NuVerus Product.

The Business

Daniel Baptiste

From the very beginning, NuVerus has been attentive to my needs, answered my questions and they are very personable. Because of their support and a lot of hard work, I was able to start climbing the ladder of success very quickly, where I’m Enjoying, Sharing and Prospering, and helping people to do the same.

Tim & Brenda Jittu

We have always had a passion for business and for people. With NuVerus, we’re able to combine the two into a successful and fulfilling undertaking. Since we signed on with NuVerus, we’re amazed at the countless customer testimonies of how the products are helping improve their health. And because of that our business is booming. The best thing to do when you get your recruits is to pour into them, build them up, and equip them to build their own teams.

Scott McKnight

I have been manufacturing nutritional health and wellness products for over 30 years. I have made the best products this industry has seen for small and large companies, but I can say without any doubt that the NuVerus line of products are the best I have seen by far. I have NuVerus PLUS and NuVerus Energy in my refrigerator and I use them every day. I see a great future for NuVerus as an exciting business opportunity!

Craig Kuhr

After speaking with Dr. Drew Georgeson and Michael Jareou, I was convinced that NuVerus not only had a great product but also would provide me with the tools to start a lucrative second business. In addition, my NuVerus business has provided me with a consistent four-figure monthly income and new friendships with associates and customers from around the country. I am so glad to be a part of a great company like NuVerus. It has genuinely changed my life.

Colson Gilkes

NuVerus has provided a wonderful health benefit for me and my family. I am even more excited about the financial opportunity. NuVerus has provided a great extra income that has helped me get out of debt. I am looking forward to total financial freedom and a luxury car bonus in the near future.

Tracy Redmond

I have been involved in network marketing for some time and in my opinion it is the vehicle to help you attain your dream life whatever that may be. In my many years in this industry, I have never seen a company like NuVerus. Their unmatched business opportunity has changed my life and I am finally achieving my goals and dreams. I wake up every morning so excited to start my day knowing I’m not only changing my life physically and financially, but I am also changing the lives of others. This is all possible through NuVerus. I am truly grateful to NuVerus and Michael Jareou!

Noble Joseph

When this opportunity was shared with me, I was ready to come onboard immediately because of the ingredients in the product. The product to me sells itself. I have observed higher energy levels, a better sleep pattern and no more sick and tired feeling.

Looking further into the company and the marketing plan convinced me I needed to be a part of this company. As we Enjoy, Share and Prosper with NuVerus and its fabulous product line, I’m excited about the possibility to receive the car bonus and all the other benefits of becoming a product of the product.

Richard Petrillo

When I first started drinking NuVerus PLUS a year and a half ago, I noticed a huge difference in my sleep pattern within the first two weeks. Then it dawned on me that the usual aches and pains I woke up with daily had started to dissipate. I am very happy with the results! Thank you NuVerus for creating such an amazing product!

Vernon Lynch

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business I have produced, toured, created, merchandised, managed and televised some of the major talents of the decade. Since 2002, I have been the Director of Business Development and Creative Consultant for Eddie Murphy Productions. This responsibility requires me to be in tune with the global entertainment landscape and thereby identify new trends, opportunities, and the entertainment industry transitional shifts. Given the current economic conditions I believe that network marketing provides the best opportunity for individuals to change their financial future.

And I like what I see in NuVerus. It has a unique delivery system for its complete line of certified organic products, which harnesses the power of black seed. All of the products from skin care to liquid fiber, energy drinks, and weight loss are backed by third-party clinical studies. I encourage others to try what I found to be potentially one of the great trends for this upcoming decade.

Stephen Isaac

I wish to thank Michael Jareou and his great NuVerus team for affording me the opportunity of obtaining amazing health benefits from the extraordinary antioxidant superfoods NuVerus PLUS and NuVerus ENERGY. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to own a super luxury car!

The Product

Leilani Sarelle
Hollywood Actress

NuVerus has truly amazing products that have given me great results. The NuVerus Lift works so fast and effectively and lasts for a long time. NuVerus Energy is pure, natural and real energy without the crash. I love NuVerus PLUS with all the superfood organic ingredients from around the world—all in one bottle. I always make sure I have NuVerus products with me wherever I go, especially on the set. I strongly recommend NuVerus products as well as the business opportunity!

Meilani Paul-Hewett
Hollywood Actress

I call NuVerus PLUS “The nectar of the gods!” The certified organic ingredients combined in just one bottle are far superior to anything else available today. I’ve experienced a multitude of benefits: better digestion, improved focus, more energy and better sleep. As an actress, appearance is everything. I’m hooked for life! Try NuVerus Skin Care too. They are truly amazing. Make all the NuVerus products part of your daily ritual!

Dr. Leo Leins

I am very impressed with NuVerus and the unmatched superior products they have. As a doctor, I have been introduced to so many products, but nothing comes close to NuVerus products. Through sharing these products with my friends and family, it has allowed me to earn extra income with the opportunity that comes attached! With all the problems the economy is having on all industries, doctors included, NuVerus has been a godsend for me and other specialty doctors I know.
It’s great to know that when I retire, I will be able to enjoy the residual income I earn with NuVerus. I strongly recommend NuVerus for their great products and wonderful business opportunity.

Jeff Thomas

The moment I drank NuVerus Energy, I felt the energy instantly. I'm a health nut and don't consume energy drinks, but this is amazing because of all the organic ingredients—it’s the only energy drink I will take! Everything about this company and product is perfect, the NuVerus compensation plan, the people, and the health benefits. What more can I ask for? NuVerus is a blessing in my life and hope to change the lives of many people! This company is the way to go!

Lisa McGovern

I tried NuVerus PLUS and immediately noticed differences in the way I felt. For two years now, it has been a part of my daily life and an essential component of a healthier way of living. NuVerus PLUS has allowed me to improve my overall well-being and introduced an increased vitality into my life.