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Superfood for the World
Opportunity without Borders
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How it Works Step 1: Join as an Independent Business Associate for only $49.95 and receive:

  • A NuVerus Success Kit with Marketing and Training Materials
  • A personalized NuVerus Global website
  • A personalized NuVerus Management and Training Virtual Office
  • Online Weekly Training Sessions from NuVerus Success Coaches
  • Wholesale Pricing on NuVerus Products
  • Ability to earn Income 7 different ways with the NuVerus Prosperity Plan
Step 2: Choose a Fast Start Product Package

  • Products for you and your family
  • Products for samples
  • Your choice of a one-time Basic, Business, or Professional package will set your commissions level
  • You will earn 10%, 15%, or 20% based on the Fast Start Package you choose

Step 3: Enroll in the Monthly Order Assurance Program

  • Each month you will want products for you and your family
  • Each month you will want to share sample with new prospects
  • Your monthly order ensures you are qualified to earn commissions and bonuses

Step 4: Attend Training - Only 1 hour each week

  • Let us train on the simple steps to building a successful NuVerus business
  • Sunday Night Training online via webinar
  • All Training are recorded and available for viewing in your Associate Virtual Office
  • Go the Training Library in your Associate Virtual Office as soon as you join to start your Training

Step 5: Share Samples and Marketing Materials with Friends, Family, and Prospects

  • Sharing samples of NuVerus products is the fastest way to build your business
  • Host product parties or meet 1-on-1 with the people you know
  • Use the NuVerus Business tools to share the Associate Opportunity

Step 6: Sponsor Associates and Customers

  • Sponsoring online is easy from your Associate website.
  • New Associates can enroll from your web site
  • New Customers can Shop online from your web site
  • Our Global software system automatically manages your business for you

Step 7: Earn Commissions and Bonuses

  • Commissions and Bonuses are credited to your NuVerus account weekly
  • Use your commissions to purchase more products
  • Use your commissions to requests a commissions check. Checks mailed weekly
  • Order your personalized NuVerus MasterCard and your commissions can be loaded quickly to your card

Step 8: Build our way to Freedom

  • Earn Fast Weekly Income
  • Earn Long Term Residual Income
  • Earn Rank Advancement Bonuses of up to $100,000.
  • Qualify for a NuVerus Luxury Care Bonus of up to $3000 per month.
  • Qualify for Luxury all-expense trips with top NuVerus Leaders and Success Coaches
  • Enjoy the Freedom of your NuVerus Lifestyle






Organic SuperFoods for the World
We live in a fast paced world where our nutritional needs and overall health are neglected on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by pollution, stress, and poor sources of food that are readily available. Free Radicals in our environment and our foods are destroying our health, our skin, and our bodies. NuVerus believes a healthy body should not be difficult to obtain and that good health is the key to happiness and success. To obtain good health we need a total approach that matches our busy lifestyles, and the NuVerus SuperFood product line is the answer to that need.



A Prosperous life is a goal that we believe all people worldwide have an innate desire to obtain. However, true prosperity cannot be found in an unhealthy body. To be prosperous, you MUST first be on the path to better health so you may enjoy the prosperity you create for yourself. Through our innovative, health oriented Associate business model, you can find the nutritional products you need and through our compensation plans, obtain the ultimate goal of financial prosperity and self-sufficiency.

NuVerus Products Sold Exclusively through our Independent Business Associates
There is only one way to obtain NuVerus Products, through the referral of you, our Independent Business Associate. Our products are marketed exclusively through the Associate web site, by purchase from an Associate, or by Associate referral to NuVerus.




Freedom, for some it is about allowing others to control their destiny, for those courageous others who yearn for true liberation, freedom is the fundamental right to truly decide the course of their own future. Without good health and a prosperous life, freedom is difficult to obtain. However, we believe many people like you throughout the world, yearn for freedom and share that common goal. NuVerus brings freedom loving people together to work towards these common goals, Health-Prosperity-Freedom. The great thing about it, along the way, you meet lots of like-minded people, make new friends, all the while achieve these core goals.

Long Term Residual Income
While you are building your Global Referral Network of people consuming NuVerus Products, you are also building a long term residual income that can continue to pay you for years to come!

Freedom of a NuVerus Business

  • No Employees
  • No Paperwork
  • No Office
  • No inventory
  • Work on your schedule when you decide
  • Work from home, or wherever you desire
  • Earn any income you desire

The NuVerus Associate Business Model:

  • A global business model that always starts with the individual.
  • A model that depends on the individual.
  • A model that depends on the individual to reach out, and to share in there success.
  • It is about you taking that first step and deciding to follow your own path to Health, Prosperity, Freedom.
Start your Business

You have several options for starting your NuVerus Business today:

  • Enroll online in minutes via the website of your Sponsor
  • Download the NuVerus Associate Application, complete and fax to NuVerus
  • Contact NuVerus Customer Service and allow us to enroll you over the phone


Start your business Today!