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Prelaunch in India

New Beginnings & Unlimited Possibilities await the people of India!

NuVerus is going International. The next stop is India. The people of India are dynamic, progressive, and excited about Network Marketing and the NuVerus opportunity.

Click here to learn about the Associate Business Opportunity in India

NuVerus History

NuVerus was launched in June of 2009, and the first year was a big success. Within a few months after the launch in the USA, people from all over the world began contacting NuVerus. The response from India was filled with both excitement and promise for the future of NuVerus in this progressive country. After a thorough review of the people, economy, and history of Network Marketing, India was chosen as the next International Country of expansion!


Now, the exciting PreLaunch begins in India. With a population of over 1.2 Billion and a healthy economy, the future is very bright. India

boasts a health Network Marketing Industry ranking in the top 20 in the world with sales approaching 500 Million USD.


Associate Enrollment is OPEN!

Your first step is to secure an Associate account and position in the India downline. There is no fee to become an Associate, thus everyone in India can join NOW! Simply click on the link above.

Be one of the first Founding Associates for India

NuVerus announces the exciting Founding Associate Program for India.

The title of Founding Associate in India is a prestigious title for the original Founding Associates. Founding Associate receive this title for life and will always be recognized at events and Corporate meetings. Founding Associates are always eligible for the highest commissions level in the NuVerus Prosperity Plan, as they will be immediately upgrade to Professional Level.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Special Associates in India.

- Associates who purchase the Founding Package will receive an immediate upgrade to the Professional Level for the Highest Commissions and Bonuses.
- Associates who purchase the Founding Package will receive the title of Founding Associate for Life, and will always be recognized at events.

Directions to be one of the Founding Associates

Step #1: Enroll as a Free PreLaunch Associate at NuVerus.com, via the link above.

Step #2:
Purchase one of three Fast Start Packages: Founding, Business, or Economy.

(Best Option) Founding Associate Package.

Founders Pack (18,400 INR) Includes:
- Assortment of NuVerus Products
- 1 Year Success Membership
- Immediate Upgrade to Professional Level
- Title of Founding Associate for Life

After enrolling online via the link above, you will receive your Associate ID#. Using your Associate 7-digit ID# and password, login to your Associate Office. Login from the link at the top right corner of www.nuverus.com. In your Back Office, go to 'Order' on the top navigation, then go to 'Fast Start Packages'. Complete the order form for your product package.

If you need assistance with your password or ID#, send an email to support@nuverus.com.

Step #4: Your order is not complete until you make payment to the NuVerus Account at HDFC bank, and then email proof of your payment to HDFC to supportindia@nuverus.com. NuVerus Support will send you an email once your HDFC Bank payment is confirmed. After verifying your payment, you are ready to pickup your NuVerus products, or request to have them shipped to you.

Step #5: Enroll more Associates and help them all purchase their Fast Start Packages. Stay tuned to your emails from NuVerus for more information and updates each week.