How does NuVerus know that NuVerus PLUS
contains a high level of antioxidants? The company
determined the nutritional drink’s “antioxidant
quotient” by having it tested at an independent lab.
“This test is called an ORAC score,” says NuVerus
Vice President of Research and Development Drew
Georgeson, M.D. “ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical
Absorption Capacity, and it’s a method of measuring
a product’s ability to neutralize free radicals.”
The ORAC score in NuVerus PLUS is one of the
highest ever tested. “Thanks to black seed, NuVerus
PLUS contains almost 8,500 units of antioxidants
per ounce,” Georgeson says. “This is more than
triple the ORAC score of many similar products on
the market.”
Additionally, NuVerus PLUS is certified USDA
organic. “There are very strict criteria that need
to be met in order to have that USDA organic
certification,” Georgeson says